authentic design

authentic design

Cutting-edge, minimalist deisgn by the sanco LAB at the in-house, artistic drawing studio of the company. Distinguished industrial designers create unique and authentic designs, which, quite often, are viewed as an international point of reference in the field of bathroom accessories.




sanco DESIGNology

At the in-house designing lab of the company, the golden rule of the Greek aesthetics goes all the way from antiquity to modern day. High-profile industrial designers create and design drawing their inspiration from the timeless Greek minimalism.
Bathroom accessories witnessing an austere ancient Greek design that lays the foundations for the robust lines of the modern-day industrial design. Product lines that harmoniously pair the purity of straight lines with the plasticity of curves. As well as classy and vintage creations that always stay true to the ideal of balance…
The designs for the bathroom accessories, carrying the authenticity signature of sanco, have conquered both the Greek and the world market, renewing and enriching the needs for a modern and luxurious bathroom.

Minimalism – a Greek concept

In Sanco the designing of bathroom accessories remains loyal to the timeless values of the Greek aesthetics: moderation… balance… harmony. Notions deeply rooted in the origins of the ancient Greek civilization, and portrayed on ancient temples and statues, jewels and vessels. The Greek art has left its indelible mark on the world civilization. An array of high-profile universities worldwide and even the White House itself have been built upon the principles of cleanness and purity characterizing the ancient Greek architecture.
One has but to look at the Parthenon to realize which is the birthplace of what we now call minimalist design.

Bathroom – an exclusively Greek story

The word bathroom originates from the ancient Greek word valaneio, which turned into the Latin ballineum and later on into the Italian bagnio.
The concept of bathroom as a venue of well-being apart from a place serving mere sanitation purposes was born in Greece. The idea of well-being spawned in the country that was molded by the azure waters of the Mediterranean.
So how could the modern-day world market be left without a Greek bathroom accessory company whose philosophy regarding bathroom is to put the values and principles of the age-old Greek culture to practice. To be, in its own way, yet another heir of this antique aquatic world.