The environmental management system that sanco uses ensures that dangerous substances, which are by-products of the production procedures, are not uncontrollably discarded into the environment due to the rational waste management treatment. Rational waste management takes place within the company, by using modern processing systems, as well as by outsourcing the procedure to specialized waste management companies.

Management System ISO 14001:2015

Sanco, moving in a direction of respecting the environment and actively contributing to its protection and safety, has installed and operates an Environmental Management System under the international standard ELOT EN ISO 1400:2004. Among the procedures conducted, dangerous substances are not discarded into the environment but treated following rational waste management procedures.

Moreover, during the production stage, environmental practices are followed, such as used material recycling programmes. As a result we can classify sanco as an ecologically green company that by following such practices is a pioneer in the wider industrial sector. ELOT EN ISO 1400:2004 Moreover, Sanco S.A. has integrated in its production procedures environmental practices such as used material recycling. Specifically sanco S.A. recycles:

  • Τα άχρηστα υλικά (scrap) από την παραγωγή
  • Τα κενά δοχεία μελανιών (toner)
  • Το χαρτί

Specialized Processing and recycling Industrial Waste Unit

As far as liquid waste is concerned, sanco has installed a Specialized Processing and recycling Industrial Waste Unit that can recycle all liquid by-products that result from metal covering. These recycled by-products are then capable of being fully used at production.

Aerial waste that are a result of furnaces and boilers are driven into a specialized filter system, which is designed to minimize aerial waste environmental impact.