Consumers Faq's

Are Sanco S.A. bath accessories easily installed?

The installation of our bath accessories is really simple and it is written down in the « installation instructions» document provided with every package of our products. Easily, without special tools, just by following the document’s drawings, you can easily install your new bath accessories, without the help of a specialized craftsman.

How can i clean my new bath accessories?

Cleaning instructions are provided within every package of our products under the document «cleaning instructions».Our selected raw materials and the easy cleaning instructions are the factors that guarantee shiny, brand new bath accessories for a long period of time.
Nevertheless, rugged fabrics, wire-made sponges, polishing materials, toxic substances and ammonia based solvents should be avoided. Products suggested for stainless steel (crèmes or foams) can be used, by applying a thin layer of the product on a wet cotton fabric. Afterwards, by washing it with hot water and drying it with a soft fabric, are enough to perfectly clean the product.

How can I renovate my bathroom?

Sanco S.A. bath accessories, with their quality and aesthetics, make their presence felt by giving to your bathroom a sense of discrete luxury. Our bath accessories have the ability to adjust during installation to already existing receptors.

Where can I find Sanco S.A. bath accessories?

Sanco S.A. bath accessories can be found in selected sanitary product stores, both throughout Greece and abroad.

Are Sanco S.A.’s policies and products friendly towards the environment?

Sanco S.A. is one of the few companies that can prove it’s allegations regarding guaranteed product and service quality as well as the sensitive environmental policies that are being followed.
See "quality, guarantee" sector

Does Sanco S.A. provide a guarantee for its bath accessories?

The selected raw materials used, our investments on infrastructural development as well as our constant production control, guarantee the quality of our products, giving us the ability to provide you with a 12 year guarantee.