Merchants Faq' s

Are all the products presented, manufactured by Sanco S.A. or the company imports part of them?

Sanco S.A. is a modern industrial unit that exclusively produces all of its products .From designing till the last stages of production, our products carry our signature. They are readily deliverable and offered with a multi-year guarantee.

Which the position of Sanco S.A. within the Greek market?

Your preference combined with our effort to live up to your expectations and to constantly improve, have made Sanco S.A. highly distinguished brand name, synonym to commercial reliability. Sanco S.A. maintains the leader position of the bath accessories sector in Greece.

What are the materials used for bath accessories production?

The main raw material that Sanco S.A. utilizes is brass (bronze), which is a noble metal, highly time-resistant, and demonstrates unique manufacturing and processing capabilities. Apart from that, we are able to choose secondary raw materials of the highest quality (crystal, glass, plastic) by applying strict production criteria and our sophisticated know-how.

What is the product delivery time?

Our fully automated production line, equipped with machinery of cutting edge technology, our highly organized customer service and order taking sector, our functional storage spaces and our sufficient distribution network (salesmen, transport means) ,make our product delivery times unmatched, conducting the final delivery without any delays.

What is Sanco S.A.’s position in the global market?

Our dynamic presence in international exhibitions, the acceptance of our products from international markets and the green attitude that we have throughout the whole production procedure, already give to our company a remarkable position in the global market setting.

What is the variety of Sanco S.A.’s bath accessories?

Sanco S.A. can provide a variety of bath accessories at such scale, regarding the price as well as the design that only few companies worldwide can compete with. With our quality being unmatched we can cover fully any demand that our clients might have. The fact that we keep in touch with contemporary architectural and deco rational evolutions, as well as the fact that  we are the sole producers of our products and can regulate their prices, make us a valuable, consistent and above the average bath accessories supplier.

Are all of your products presented at your website and your catalogues?

Apart from the variety of bath accessories presented in our website and our catalogues, depending on the specific order, we can manufacture any product in order to fully cover your demands.

Which is your competitive advantage that distinguishes you from competition?

Sanco S.A. is a healthy, constantly developing Greek industrial unit that has a remarkable domestic market share and simultaneously exports a large part of its production.
Our product quality has made an impression even in the demanding European markets, combined with our exceptional pre-sales and after sales service, as well as with our ability to maintain the relationship of price and quality at really competitive levels, given the fact that we are the sole producers of our products, synthesize  Sanco S.A.’s competitive advantage.