quality & guarantee

quality & guarantee

Sanco, a pioneer company in bathroom accessories, in every activity actively involved, is at a position to prove its assertions regarding product and service quality. This has played an important role in providing a feeling of safety and trust to associates, suppliers and consumers that helps in shaping stable and long existing commercial collaborations with particular benefits for the groups involved. Meanwhile, facts have demonstrated that Sanco S.A. acts in a proactive and responsible way in order to contribute in environmental protection.


Sanco has installed and operates under a Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008. This quality management system ensures that company departments are operating under demanding standards and continuous control, always trying to fully cover the high demands of Sanco S.A.’s customers. From raw material and production control, until product delivery and after sales service, Sanco S.A. guarantees a flawless relationship that remains stable with a constantly increasing number of customers.

Our products from designing until final production stages are distinguished for their nonnegotiable quality and exceptional variety. They can be installed in villas, apartments, cruise ships, hotel units of any size, thus creating the best of impressions for many years.


Sanco's bathroom accessories are covered by a 12-year guarantee(chrome) up to 30-year guarantee(stainless steel), an 5-year guarantee (gold,special colors)

Sanco creates its articles with the use of carefully selected raw materials and innovative technological process. The following indication must be followed for the correct cleaning and maintenance of the exterior surfaces of your bathroom fitting and bath accessories.


Special processing during bathroom accessories chromium plating employing nanotechnology methods and materials to achieve a sustainable glow effect.

directions of care

To properly cleanse the bathroom accessories you have just purchased, use hot water and soap, rinse off and dry the surfaces with a soft piece of cloth to avoid any scratches. Cleansing products (liquids, creams – free of microgranules -, or foams), as well as mild salt-removing products, are highly recommended.

The use of wire and metal cleansing products, as well as the use of chlorine-based products and disinfectants is NOT ADVISED.

ATTENTION: Make sure to frequently have the bathroom ventilated to avoid the development of vapor steaming up the accessories.

The Sanco guarantee covers our products provided they are properly cleansed and maintained.