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surface colors

  • Μ116 BLACK MAT
    Μ116 BLACK MAT
  • Μ101 WHITE MAT
    Μ101 WHITE MAT
  • A75 WENGE
    A75 WENGE
  • M119 AMBRE MAT
    M119 AMBRE MAT
  • 104 BLUE
    104 BLUE
  • 103 SEA BLUE
    103 SEA BLUE
  • 105 LIGHT BLUE
    105 LIGHT BLUE
  • 106 TIRQUISE
    106 TIRQUISE
  • 113 PURPLE
    113 PURPLE
  • 112 MAGENTA
    112 MAGENTA
  • 114 RED
    114 RED
  • 102 BEIGE
    102 BEIGE
  • 116 BLACK
    116 BLACK
  • 101 WHITE
    101 WHITE

bespoke suggestions, for every color you wish

Top-notch manufacture standards, first-class raw materials, ultimate durability against damage and time.

From the luminous brightness of WHITE to the dark magic of BLACK, from the austere charm of BLUE to the fiery temperament of RED, the color of the bathroom accessories signed by Sanco is but the finishing touch of unrivaled beauty in the bathroom. Staying tuned with the international trends in the design of bathroom accessories, the ample Sanco color palette gives a matchless pop art dimension to your bathroom. Visit us in

Athens - Koropi, talk with the people of Sanco and choose, among the 15 exceptional color suggestions, the one that will ideally color both your bathroom and your disposition.

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