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Athens 1980

Antonis and Nikos Katsieris, having a valuable work experience from the mechanical departments of Greece’s major factories, set up their own engineering workshop manufacturing hydraulic parts under the name P. Katsieris Bros. Their passion for engineering and their love for constructions soon led them to the creation of the first, handmade drain trap in the country. Nevertheless, Greece of the ‘80s lacked the necessary infrastructure to bolster the manufacture of the particular product. They travelled to Italy where they produced a limited number of handmade drain traps.


The Katsieris Bros started launching partnerships and promoting the product to plumbers and hydraulic companies. At that time, they were introduced to a special product category, bathroom accessories. Smart ergonomics, immaculate functionality and the stylish design required were a true challenge to them. A challenge they didn’t turn their back on.


In the area of Koropi, they established a state-of-the-art bathroom accessory manufacturing plant which literally led the way in the Greek market. Ever since then, the Katsieris family has been exclusively specializing in designing and manufacturing top-notch bathroom accessories. For almost 30 years, the sanco signature, thanks to the top-quality materials and the fine construction, has been the greatest guarantee for durability and longevity.


The company changed its name into sanco and was transferred to privately-own facilities hosting the production, packaging and storage plants, offices, as well as a state-of-the-art showroom.


It was the year when sanco, for the first time in its history, launched its products to the world market, taking part in the international exhibitions held in Frankfurt and Bologna.


Sanco has now established its leading role in the manufacturing of bathroom accessories in the Greek market.Our company, a staunch endorser of corporate responsibility, has been granted the environmental management certification ISO 1400:2004. The top quality of sanco has also landed a string of international ISO certifications, while it is one of the first Greek industries to have received a TUV quality management system certification.In 2005, the facilities underwent an extensive modernization and expansion with a view to housing the company’s new era. At the same time, the company’s export activities were getting stronger, while its participation in international exhibitions was constant.

2010 - Today

The second Katsieris generation has made a promising start in the company’s affairs, aspiring to leave its own mark. At the same time, new blood is being brought in, as the company is having its personnel specialized. The year 2010, though, is the year that saw the company’s export activities skyrocketing. Ever since then, sanco has been an international brand-name in the sector of bathroom accessories, as it covers more than 20 countries worldwide. Sanco is the only company, in the field of designing and manufacturing bathroom accessories, that proudly carries the made in Greece labeling, offering top quality products from Greece to the whole world

  • placing emphasis on and constantly evolving the design,
  • undertaking exceptionally challenging and cutting-edge projects (hotels, ships, cruisers), and
  • spreading its presence throughout the world.

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